Rooftop Solar System - 850kW - Basava Textiles, Belgaum


Project Details:

Bailhongal, Belagavi
June 26, 2019
325Wp x 2616 nos
850 kWp
Estimated Savings Per Year:
Rs.80 lakhs/-
Estimated Payback:
4 Years 6 months

About Basava Textiles

Basava Textiles, based in Bailhongal taluk, Belagavi, is the largest cotton ginning and pressing industry in north Karnataka. Basava Textiles chose Orb Energy to install a rooftop solar system in June 2019 because of its innovative collateral-free solar financing solutions for SMEs.

Orb Energy built and installed an 850 kW rooftop solar system for Basava Textiles’ cotton ginning facility in Bailhongal, saving them around Rs. 80 lakhs ($ 96k USD) every year with a payback period in just 4 years and 6 months.

Furthermore, Orb’s unique in-house solar finance facility for SMEs, allowed Basava Textiles to make quick switch to solar with zero down payment. Additionally, the savings from Orb Energy’s rooftop solar systems surpass the EMI amount. As a result, customers like Basava Textiles can effortlessly pay their EMI without impacting their working capital.

Vijay Metgud

“60% of our project was funded by Orb under its collateral-free solar loan scheme. It is a unique scheme which builds confidence for SMEs to adopt rooftop solar on their premises.”

Vijay Metgud
Managing Director, Basava Textiles Limited

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