340 kilowatt Rooftop Solar System for Shree Veerabhadreshwara Rice Industries, Davanagere


Project Details:

Hanagawadi, Harihar, Karnataka
25th November, 2021
340 kWp
Estimated Savings Per Year:
Rs. 38 Lakhs/-
Estimated Payback:
3 years 5 months

About Shree Veerabhadreshwara Rice Industries

Shree Veerabhadreshwara in Harihar in Davanagere district, Karnataka, is a leader in the rice processing industry, and in 2021 installed a 340 kilowatt rooftopsolar system from Orb Energy. This system will have a payback in just 3 years and 5 months, and will offset an estimated 430 tones of CO2 per annum. Orb Energy has so far installed more than 150 rooftop solar systems for agro-processing industries like Shree Veerabhadreshwara in India, totaling close to 25 megawatts.

S M Veeresh Hanagavadi

“Orb Energy makes its solar panels in Bangalore, and I’m happy to use an Indian-made product. Our rooftop solar is performing very well, and I am confident that I will recoup my investment in 3.5 years, after which I have free electricity for many years, saving us a lot of money on our electricity bills.”

S M Veeresh Hanagavadi
Owner, Shree Veerabhadreshwara Rice Industries

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