340 kilowatt Rooftop Solar System for Shree Veerabhadreshwara Rice Industries, Davanagere


Project Details:

Hanagawadi Industrial Area, Harihar
25th November, 2021
405 Wp x 840 nos
340 kWp
Estimated Savings Per Year:
Rs. 38 Lakhs/-
Estimated Payback:
3 years 5 months

About Shree Veerabhadreshwara Rice Industries

Shree Veerabhadreshwara Rice Industries is an agricultural enterprise that specialises in rice processing and distribution. Like every entrepreneurial company, Shree Veerabhadreshwara also desired cost reduction on its monthly electricity bill. Although the company was aware of the advantage of installing a rooftop solar panel, it was uncertain about which brand to choose as a consumer. After learning about Orb from other industry colleagues, and also learning that Orb makes in India, Shree Veerabhadreshwara chose Orb Energy as their preferred partner.

Orb Energy designed and installed a 340 kilowatt rooftop solar system for Shree Veerabhadreshwara’s rice processing unit in the Hanagawadi Industrial Area, Harihar, Davanagere. The company now has estimated savings of Rs.38 lakhs ($45 USD) annually. Furthermore, they are projected to pay back the credits within 3 years and 5 months.

S M Veeresh Hanagavadi

“Orb Energy makes its solar panels in Bangalore, and I’m happy to use an Indian-made product. Our rooftop solar is performing very well, and I am confident that I will recoup my investment in four years, after which I have free electricity for many years, saving us a lot of money on our electricity bills.”

S M Veeresh Hanagavadi
Owner, Shree Veerabhadreshwara Rice Industries

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