Rooftop Solar System for RNS JCB Showroom, Makali, Bengaluru


Project Details:

Makali, Bengaluru
September, 2021
405 Wp x 74 nos
60 kWp
Estimated Savings Per Year:
Rs. 3 Lakhs/-
Estimated Payback:
4 years

RNS Earthmovers, Makali, Bengaluru

Mr. Sridhar K Shetty, Chief General Manager of RNS Earthmovers, a renowned JCB dealer in Bangalore. In the pursuit of sustainability and cost efficiency, Mr. Sridhar was on the lookout for a reliable rooftop solar solution for his flagship JCB showroom in Makali, Bengaluru.

After reaching out to fellow automobile showroom owners, Orb Energy emerged as the most recommended solar solutions provider. Impressed by Orb Energy’s comprehensive approach, covering design, installation, and top-notch after-sales service, Mr. Sridhar confidently chose Orb as their solar solutions provider.

Today RNS Earthmovers in Makali, saves more than Rs. 3 lakhs ($3.5k USD) per annum, with a projected payback period of just 4 years, contributing to around 80% of the showroom’s daytime electricity requirements.

This isn’t just a switch to solar – it’s a commitment to sustainability, efficiency, and a brighter, cost-effective future.

Rooftop solar system installed for JCB showroom at Bangalore

“The positive feedback from other automobile showroom customers who chose Orb Energy, gave us the confidence to select them as our rooftop solar supplier. We are very happy with service provided by them”

Sridhar K Shetty
Chief General Manager, RNS Earthmovers, Makali, Bengaluru

Do you also want to make the switch to sustainable and cost-effective rooftop solar? Orb Energy is here for you!