10 Kilowatt Rooftop Solar for TM Chandra Mohan's House, Tumkur, Karnataka


Project Details:

Kuvempu Nagar, Tumkur
19th March, 2016
250 Wp x 40 nos
10 kWp
Estimated Savings Per Year:
Rs. 1.2 lakhs per annum
Electricity Bill:
100% reduction

About Chandra Mohan’s Rooftop Solar System

Orb Energy installed a 10 kilowatt on-grid rooftop solar system for Mr. T.M Chandra Mohan’s residence in March 2016, under the net metering scheme. This system produces around 40 units of electricity daily, fulfilling the entire daytime electricity needs of the house as well as exporting any surplus solar electricity to the grid. Mr. Chandra Mohan not only saves money on electricity bills but also earns additional income by exporting the surplus solar electricity to the grid

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house powered by orb energy rooftop solar system
Rooftop solar

“I had an aim to generate electricity from eco-friendly resources. Orb helped me to fulfill it, and it is my small gift to our nation.”

Mr. T.M Chandra Mohan
Home Owner, Tumkur, Karnataka

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