Solar water heating Residential

Your Home Deserves The Best Solar Water Heater

Orb manufactures solar water heating systems for better quality. Orb’s ceramic coated storage tanks are the most reliable in the Indian industry - with incidence of leakage just 0.5%. Orb offers both evacuated glass tube technology (ETC) and copper flat plate technology (FPC) and provides 3-free preventive maintenance visits, and a 5-year warranty.

Why choose Orb?

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    Most reliable storage tanks in the Indian industry – just 0.5% incidence of leakage
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    Storage tanks designed to handle hard water
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    High efficiency glass tubes
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    Option for grid back-up on cloudy days
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    3-free preventive maintenance visits
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    Both ETC and FPC technologies

Choose the Technology that works for you

Solar hot water has come a long way in the last decade, particularly with the introduction of evacuated tube collectors (ETC) that are rapidly becoming the preferred option. Flat plate systems (FPC) are ideal for pressurized solutions while ETC systems are cost-effective when you don’t need extra pressure. Both systems will deliver between 2-4 year payback.

Most Cost Effective Solution

Evacuated glass Tube Collectors (ETC)


For ETC systems, Orb uses large diameter '3-target' glass tubes that heat water from 25 to 65 degrees centigrade in just 4-5 hours on a sunny day in India.

Orb’s ETC systems come with ceramic coated tanks that are insulated with high density polyurethane foam for better heat retention.

Premium System for Pressurized Solution

Flat copper Plate Collectors (FPC)


Orb’s flat plate collector systems are rugged and reliable, and are built to support high pressure applications (up to 5-bar).

Orb’s storage tank advantage

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    Orb manufactures its own ceramic coated storage tanks for maximum reliability and performance.
  • P1
    Most reliable storage tanks in the Indian industry – just 0.5% incidence of leakage
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    Can handle hard water up to TDS of 1200 PPM
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    Uses high density polyurethane foam to limit overnight heat loss to just 5-6 degrees centigrade
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    Backed-up by Orb’s 5-year warranty