1.4 Megawatt Ground Mounted Solar System for Dolphin Die Cast, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Project Details:

Bengaluru, Karnataka
Nov 2023
1.4 MWp
Estimated Savings Per Year:
Rs.1.7 Crores per Month/-
5 Years

About Dolphine Die Cast’s 1.4 Megawatt Solar Park

Orb Energy Innovates with Off-Site Solar Solutions for SMEs with Big Energy Needs and Limited Roof Space

High power consuming SMEs across India find they do not have enough roof space to power their energy needs with rooftop solar. Fortunately, India is blessed with a highly visionary, highly progressive policy framework called Open Access which allows enterprises to set up solar generation off-site (away from their factory) and see an offset in their electricity bill for the solar energy they generate.

Realising that many of its SME customers wanted an off-site solution, Orb Energy innovated with a new solar park concept for SMEs which allows them to own their own sub-array within an overall 35 MW DC solar park in Arsikere, Karnataka.


Dolphin Die Cast is exactly the type of customer for which Orb Energy set up the solar park. Dolphin is a leading player in the hyper die casting sector, with big electricity requirements. Dolphin took their first step in reducing their electricity bill with Orb Energy back in 2016 when they installed a 46kWp rooftop solar system. This however, only provided a fraction of the solar power they actually needed for their daytime load.

Wanting more, Dolphin reached out to Orb Energy for an off-site solution, and a deal was struck to develop a 1.4MW DC system as part of the overall solar park in Arsikere, Hassan.

Please watch as Mr.Vijay Sivalingam, Director Operations of Dolphin Die Cast, explains the reasons behind his decision to invest in an off-site solar solution with Orb Energy. As you will see, he is extremely happy with his investment and now recommends both Orb Energy and this new solution to all his industrialist colleagues.

Vijay Sivalingam, Director Operations

“Our journey with Orb Energy started with 46 kilowatt rooftop project, and we further back with the 1.4 megawatt ground based project and all through this we have been very happy with their professionalism and service that they have provided us to meet all our requirements.

Overall, our experience with Orb Energy has been phenomenal and I highly recommend Orb Energy to other industrialists who are looking for either rooftop solution or solar ground-based solutions.”

Mr.Vijay Sivalingam
Director Operations, Dolphin Die Cast, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Are you also an industry owner with bigger power needs than your rooftop allows for? If so, contact us today. Orb Energy has the off-site solar solution for you!